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Our Story

High Pointe


In 1985, only two elementary schools existed in the Cedar Hill Independent School District to meet the needs of families in the community. For many years, Bray Elementary School had been sufficient in serving the population; then, in 1973, South Hills Elementary School (later changed to Plummer) was opened to meet the needs of the growing numbers of families moving into this suburban area. At this time, the road from Cedar Hill to Duncanville was a sparsely populated country road winding through cow pastures. With the development of Joe Pool Lake, the population of Cedar Hill began to explode, leading to the clustering of new housing developments on the west side of the city.
Initially, the children of the High Pointe' community attended school on the east side of town at Plummer Elementary. School board members and officials saw the need for a school to meet these growing needs; hence, in 1986, High Pointe' Elementary School was officially opened, and the pioneer was chosen as the official mascot. The mascot was later changed to the eagle. During the 2001-2002 school year, High Pointe' underwent renovations that provided additional classrooms and the enlargement of other areas of the existing building. These changes were made to accommodate current and future growth in the High Pointe' community.

High Pointe' Elementary is a culturally diverse PK-5 school, with a socioeconomic status that falls in the low to middle income bracket. The current enrollment is approximately 375 students; approximately 61.0 percent of the school population is African American, 29.0 percent is Hispanic, 10% percent is Caucasian and of other ethnicities. Approximately 86 percent of the students participate in the National School Lunch Program.